I provide professional B2C and B2B copywriting services in the environmental sphere.

Check out these handpicked samples to get an idea of the versatility I deliver when crafting original, value-driven, and highly informative articles – designed to boost your online brand voice.


3 Material Innovators Using Algae to Paint Greener Picture for Fashion

Article exploring the promising future of algae in the fashion industry – featuring snippets from interviews with the founders of these innovative companies.

Perfect Day Is Helping Brands Give Cows, and the Planet, a Rest with Animal-Free Dairy Mistakes

B2B article exploring how a biotech start-up is collaborating with microflora to generate dairy products without touching a cow – a powerful alternative that has a lot to offer when it comes to tackling the climate crisis.


Mycelium Materials Poised to Leave Conventional Leather Industry Hanging by a Thread

Three companies explore the power of mycelium to produce a leather alternative that is just as soft and supple, but less hefty on the consumption of natural resources.


Article explaining the subtle and powerful science of reconnecting to the earth

Slow fashion and electronic e-waste – an endeavor toward the jewelry industry

The philosophy behind a model of production that seeks to slow down in order to reconnect, prioritizing quality and community

Indigenous Women

How they are fighting to end violence against the earth and the body

By Nina Purton

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